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New Studio Computer for Virgil Donati

2022-05-18T12:17:41-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

Virgil Donati is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and technically advanced drummers of all time Virgil was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he also launched his career. Since the mid-nineties, he has been a household name. Residing in Los Angeles, Virgil is traveling the world as an international drumming superstar, as well

Professional Audio Workstations Laptops and Rack Computers

2022-08-04T14:23:56-04:00Audio News|

Custom Audio & Midi Computers for Music Creation. Slick Audio is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom computers. They have a wide range of products to offer. Slick Audio makes custom computer workstations, laptops, towers, micro, and rackable computers. Designed for both amateur and professional musicians, recording engineers, sound designers, composers, DJs,

Understanding the Signal Chain and Computers in Home and Project Studios

2021-08-04T15:26:40-04:00Audio News|

Slick Audio will be giving a presentation on Understanding the Signal Chain and Computers in Home and Project Studios.  This presentation will be at the first joint AES  (Audio Engineering Society) and NAMM (North American Music Merchants) event.

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