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5 Star Review – Dave Cleveland

2022-06-27T16:05:39-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

Dave Cleveland Jim Slick and the folks at Slick Audio are top-notch. The personal care and support I get from them is world class. The computer that I ordered far exceeded my expectations and has helped me deliver better music to my clients. My time to be creative has increased because my Slick Audio computer

What computer specs do I need for music production?

2022-07-05T10:55:04-04:00Audio Recording Computers|

How do I size my computer for recording? Hey everybody, this is Jim from Slick Audio talking today about recording computers and how do I size my computer? Or how do you size your new computer and three major components we're gonna deal with? Excluding SSD hard drives, we're gonna talk about three major components.

The Quietest PC for Music Production?

2022-07-05T11:09:12-04:00Audio Recording Computers|

Quiet Computers or Quiet PCs for Music Production   Hey, folks Jim from Slick Audio, how is everybody doing? Today we are talking today in 2021 about Quiet Computers or Quiet PCs. Specifically, let us just get into the various audio PCs. Laptops, rack mounts, Towers PC's or Desktop, and Micros or Minicomputers. Why do

Marco Sfogli – Slick Audio Computers

2022-08-04T10:50:49-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

The Best Computer I Have Ever Had Marco Sfogli, the legendary guitar player. Provided Slick Audio some kind words about his experience and our expertise in making computers for recording audio music production. Take a look at his comments and the video below.   Marco Sfogli - Review Slick Audio Hi everyone. This is Marco

Recording Accordion Slick Audio

2022-08-04T11:22:53-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

Review from Alex Meixner Jim Slick is a grade A+ guy, and that is represented in the service and products from Slick Audio. I set up my home studio completely through him and his company. He put the computer together installed everything on it. Got all the necessary gear (mics, interface/pre-amp) at very good prices.

Can RAM Solve All Music Production Computer Problems

2022-05-18T14:17:49-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

Does RAM help with music production? Hey folks, it's Jim from slick audio. A tired Jim from Slick Audio. As if you can't tell, it is hump day anyway, talking about the magic question. Can RAM solve all of your audio computer problems? Answer equals no! No, it can't. Can it solve some? Yes, RAM

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