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What Specs Do Computers Need for Music Production?

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Computer Specs for Audio Production How to Spec or Size a Computer for Audio Recording. Recently Jim made a video discussing how do you properly size a computer for recording audio? Meaning CPU, memory, disk, etc. for what you need for your music production slash business. If your making music. You could be doing

Professional Audio Workstations Laptops and Rack Computers

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Custom Audio & Midi Computers for Music Creation. Slick Audio makes custom computer workstations, laptops, towers, micro, and rackable computers.  Designed for both amateur and professional musicians, recording engineers, sound designers, composers, DJ's, podcasters, and post-production professionals.   Laptops Back-lit Keyboards Affordable, light, thin laptops Powerful desktop replacement laptops. Mobile audio recording laptops. Studio production,

Collecting Musical Gear – Good & Bad

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Audio Gear Collecting Collecting guitars, bass, guitar petals and other musical equipment. Can be great but here are a few thoughts Jim had about his guitar collection and what collecting guitars can become. Does anyone else collect music gear what is it? The Good, The Bad, and Everything Else Hey folks, Jim from

Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

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 Why Use Monitor Isolation Pads? Often we get a question from clients building their first recording studio.   Some of those questions like,  "Where should I place my studio monitors? On the desk, on stands or somewhere else?"  Or  "What are isolation pads, and why do I want to use them?" What are Isolation Pads?

Cheap Microphones for Recording??

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Best Cheap Microphones Slick Audio does a review what are some of the "Best Cheap Microphones" for your studio. When we say cheap we man inexpensive, because these microphones are not lacking in quality. In fact they are some of the best microphones you can get and they are actually quite inexpensive in comparison to

Word Clocking – Audio Devices

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What is Clocking or Word Clocking for Audio? During a recent upgrade to the Slick Audio Recording Studio.   Jim Slick explained what an audio clock is used for and why you want to use on when recording audio, recording music in your studio.  While reviewing RME and Antelope Audio gear, Jim did a beginners video

How to Switch Between Amps in Recording Studio

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Switching Between Guitar Amps in Recording Studio How to build a guitar amp rack for your studio part 2. We all have gear and want to use it not just to jam on or gig on. Why not use that same gear to record. Jim reviews in his follow up to a previous video. How you