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Where can I learn music production online?

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If you are looking to learn audio production, here are some websites that I would recommend: Sound on Sound: This is a comprehensive resource for music production and audio engineering, covering everything from mixing and mastering to sound design and gear reviews. Music Tech Magazine: This website features articles, tutorials, and reviews on music production

Top 10 Tips for Recording Better Audio

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Recording audio is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to get the best out of it. But with these tips, you can start recording better audio today. 1. Get a Good Source of Sound. Recording good sound at home is not easy but can be done with

How to Use Audacity to Record Audio on Your Computer

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Introduction: What is Audacity? Audacity is a free audio recording and editing software that offers the ability to record, mix, and edit sounds. It is available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux, and as a portable app for iOS. Audacity can be used as a standalone application or with other applications like Ardour, Logic Pro,

6 Reasons You Should Switch Your Audio Interface to the RME Babyface Pro

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The RME Babyface Pro is a high-quality interface that offers professional features and sound quality. It is an excellent choice for professionals who want to record their music or other audio content. We will look at the following six reasons you should switch your audio interface to the RME Babyface Pro: 1) The RME Babyface

SideChaining Explained

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Sidechaining is a critical part of music engineering and production. While recently watching a Cubase training video. I realize that some people newer to music production have questioned Sidechaining. Here’s a quick video on what it is.    

Music Production – Reverse Reverb Effect

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This is a really cool effect that can be used sparingly in some songs. It’s much easier than you may think!!  During a recent review of the Cubase videos, I found this little gem. Tell me what you think have you tried it?  The Reverse Reverb Effect is an essential tool in music production and

Does Wood Affect Guitar Sound?

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What wood makes the best sounding guitar? Let's talk tone woods today. Jim discusses one of his favorite guitars, his purple Jackson Custom shop guitar. In the video below, he wanted to discuss the setup of this guitar and how tone woods affect the sound, feel and play of this instrument. We took a moment

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