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What DAW software should I use?  We get questions from time to time about DAW software and if we could make some recommendations on what is the best DAW software for my needs.  So we thought that we would  share a question from Jakub Baranowski

How to Record Beats

Hi Jim! You probably try out many, if not every DAW on the market. Could you recommend one or two DAWs that are absolutely for all applications? I mean recording, mixing, mastering, producing, beat making? There are a lot of articles about this and most of them say – if you recording and mixing go for Pro Tools and if you wanna Record Beats then maybe Ableton or FL Studio… blah blah blah But what if you wanna make ALL of those things in one DAW?? Is it possible?

How Many HDD/SSD Should A DAW Have

And my second question is: “How many HDD/SSD should have a typical DAW computer? I heard that you must have separate disks for OS/DAW, samples, projects, sounds libraries, etc. How it should be installed and used to get the speed, stability, etc. during work on a DAW computer? Could you explain this topic more?”

Thanks in advance for the answers and thanks for your great videos! It’s a mine of knowledge!


Jim took a moment to answer his question.  Jakub, there are some options out there not great meaning that although some of the DAW software can do these functions.

DAW Software

Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One 3, and even Pro Tools are the best option for recording, mastering, and making beats.  Although each of these software suites can do these tasks via virtual instruments they are not the best options.  Software like FL Studios was created for making beats and is very good at it.  While Wavelab is the best way to do the mastering of audio.  So pick the DAW software you know and like and use these other programs to fill and give you great beats or audio mastering.

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