Processors for recording


Jim, of Slick Audio, took a moment to review processors and how they could impact your recording sessions.  He discussed Intel’s current generation of i7x processors “CPUs”.  And why Slick Audio decided to incorporate the i7 and i9 into the current lineup of Slick Audio’s audio recording computers.  Speed is a big piece no one likes using a computer that is slow.  Am I right it’s painful and even stressful to sit and wait for the computer to respond or load?   Let alone try to make something creative like a song or record some music.   So it’s key to ensure that the CPU or processors are taken into consideration when building a computer for recording audio.

CPU Processor Size Matters

Jim has mentioned in a few other posts and videos (like the Ultimate Audio PC) that when you are getting a computer for recording audio.  It’s so important to size this computer correctly and knowing how you intend on using it will ensure that the proper computer is configured to your needs.  The i7x is a great processor to start off with because it has a great mix of speed, power, and ability.  This CPU could work well for many people looking to record audio.  Many pro studios utilize this processor for their needs and it works just fine.  But when you get into lots of virtual instruments, plugins, and other effects then you would want to consider using an i9 processor instead.

The i9 Processor

In other videos and the video attached below, Jim also discussed the current i9x processor by Intel and the fantastic results we are getting in extreme computers like the 4100 series computer we offer.   The i9x is definitely the processor you want if you regularly run larger projects, lots of plugins, and virtual instruments all active (not frozen).

So what’s the Best CPU for Recording Audio

Jim, made a video below where he discusses his thoughts on what the best CPU or processor for recording audio is.   After watching give us your thoughts or questions about what the best CPU would be and why?




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