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What is the best computer for recording?

Audio Recording PC (audio recording computer) custom builder Slick Audio. Has designed a brand-new series of DAW PCs that are faster than ever. Jim Slick, the CEO, says “… these computers were designed from the to be ‘Apple Crushers’. They will “Out-perform Apple’s fastest machines handily”.

Slick Audio is a USA manufacturer that creates a line of Windows-based PCs. Which are designed to capture and record digital audio for a wide range of applications; from the Professional Music Industry to Hollywood, Game Design, and PCs for the home musician. Slick Audio’s mission is to produce the best audio recording PC possible. Simply get the best sound, performance, and stability when recording digital audio.

Super Small Audio Computers

Originally the M560 and M570 now the newest version of the M591, are super-small audio computers with Gen 7 2-core and Gen 8 4-Core processors. They pack one heck of a punch for a box’s this small. Up to 32GB of RAM, Up to 2TB SSD for the OS, and up to 2TB SSD for audio. Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet with multiple video outs and native Thunderbolt 3. Tight on space? This is your machine.

Thunderbolt 4 Audio Recording Computer

The 2300/2400 series DAW computers, the successor to the super popular 2000 series, are Now available with Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2, i9-10900K 3.6GHz 10-Core Processor, Liquid Cooling, 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, 1000W Power Supply, WX 3200 Video, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, 3 PCIe slots (1 consumed by video), 1 Year Parts and Labor Depot Warranty up-gradable to 3 years

The 4300 series is a DAW recording computer, which is the successor to the super-fast 4000 series computers.

The 4300 series is our newest, most powerful single-processor audio PC. It comes standards with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1, is expandable to 128GB of RAM, has six hard drives in either JBOD or any RAID support, a choice of video cards (powerful for post-production work), and much more. This machine also has a liquid cooling standard for even more quiet time. These PCs are tools for a job. If you are serious about recording, this is the Ultimate Audio PC.


Windows-based Audio Recording PCs

Slick Audio logo

For more information about Slick Audio and the high-performance audio recording PCs that they make, please visit Slick Audio at www.Slick.Audio or purchase them directly from their store at store.Slick.Audio. About Slick Audio Slick Audio is a custom PC manufacturer headquartered in White Haven, Pennsylvania. It manufactures Windows-based Audio Recording PCs.

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