Alex Argento’s kind words about our Slick Audio computer.

Alex Agento in Studio - Slick Audio endorsee

Two months ago this monster pc by Slick Audio became the main core of my studio.
Jim Slick, President/CEO of this company was extremely kind to send me their flagship model, the T4100 (a bit customized to fit my needs)
I wanted to test it very carefully before giving an honest opinion about it.
I did my best trying to stress this pc in every fu**ing way (both with audio and video applications) to push it to its limits…I’ve poorly failed!
Every time it’s like it’s telling me:” Come on! That’s all you’ve got??”
The secret behind this powerful pc is not only related to the hi-quality components inside of it (which of course play their part) but the way the operating system was perfectly configured and optimized for audio and video applications.
I’m extremely impressed, really.

Alex Argento - Slick Audio

Feel free to check the following video made by Jim itself where he explains what the T4100 can really do:

Jim is a very down to earth guy and extremely helpful to answer all your questions about the audio/video pc world and more. Feel free to get in touch with him.  Last but not least he is a hard Icefish fan..what could I ask for more? 
Jim, thanks a billion again for wanting to support me and Icefish. YOU ARE THE MAN!

His post on Facebook is below, check it out.

Two months ago this monster pc by Slick Audio became the main core of my studio. Jim Slick, President/CEO of this…

Posted by Alex Argento on Thursday, June 21, 2018


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