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What computer specs do I need for music production?

2023-01-31T15:57:06-05:00Audio Recording Computers|

How do I size my computer for recording? Hey everybody, this is Jim from Slick Audio talking today about recording computers and how do I size my computer. Or how do you size your new computer and the three major components we're gonna deal with? Excluding SSD hard drives, we're gonna talk about three major

Slick Audio Computer Blog

2020-06-24T11:12:13-04:00Audio News|

Slick Audio Blog Discussing all things related to recording and creating and recording audio, and sound design.   With 30+ years in Information Technology, and decades of being a professional musician Slick Audio has the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance on recording audio and how to do it like the pros.  Home Studios, for recording […]

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