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Cheap Audio Recording Interfaces

2023-01-31T16:24:59-05:00Audio News|

Best Inexpensive Audio Interfaces Hey, everybody, it's Jim from Slick Audio. Today's topic is inexpensive interfaces. I know we have Cheap Interfaces listed on the video, but it is inexpensive interfaces or the best inexpensive audio interfaces. As I said in my Cheap Microphone video. The word cheap implies, in my opinion crappy quality and

What Does a DAW Do?

2022-08-04T13:46:50-04:00Audio News, Audio Recording Computers|

What is a DAW used for? Digital Audio Workstation A question we often get asked is Do I need a DAW to record music? First, let's explain what DAW stands for. A DAW or Digital Audio Workstation or Digital-Audio Workstation is a computer-based system for recording and editing audio. Often, the term DAW can

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