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Where can I learn music production online?

2023-03-28T14:10:03-04:00Audio News, music production software tips and tricks|

If you are looking to learn audio production, here are some websites that I would recommend: Sound on Sound: This is a comprehensive resource for music production and audio engineering, covering everything from mixing and mastering to sound design and gear reviews. Music Tech Magazine: This website features articles, tutorials, and reviews on music production

How has digital technology influenced audio production?

2023-07-11T15:09:48-04:00Audio News|

Digital technology has had a significant impact on audio production, transforming the way sound is recorded, processed, mixed, and distributed. Here are some ways digital technology has influenced audio production: Digital recording: The introduction of digital recording technology has replaced traditional analog recording techniques, providing higher-quality recordings with less noise and distortion. The digital recording

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