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Track vs Rack Instruments

2023-01-31T16:25:16-05:00Audio News|

Explaining Track & Rack Instruments Cubase Track vs Rack Instrument Hey, folks Jim from Slick Audio giving you a quick tutorial today explaining Track & Rack instruments. Hopefully quick tutorial today on virtual instruments and the difference between a rack instrument and a track instrument. So let's start with the tracked instruments. For this demo,

Do microphones need to be cleaned?

2023-01-31T16:26:00-05:00Audio News|

Microphone Hygiene and Cleaning With the recent concern over health, social distancing, and germs. It almost seems like the time has come to discuss. Cleaning your microphone, because let's are honest they can get a little gross. We hold them, sing into them. Scream, drop them, and even share them, so it's reasonable to talk

What inspired you to start playing an instrument?

2023-01-31T16:26:28-05:00Audio News|

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument For many, this is something that they remember with frustration. Maybe a parent or family member may have forced you to start playing a musical instrument as a way of channeling your creativity and broadening your horizons. What piece of music inspired you to play an instrument? Maybe you

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