Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

For many, this is something that they remember with frustration. As a parent or family member may have forced you to start playing a musical instrument as a way of channeling your creativity and broadening your horizons.

What piece of music inspired you to play an instrument?

Maybe you were first introduced to music by hearing something your older brother or sister listed to. Or your Mother or Father played when doing chores around the house, but someone saw that you enjoyed music and encouraged you to experience more.

So you listened to more and more. Regardless of if it was Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock & Roll, Pop, Country, or any other type of music. You can barely remember a time in your life that there wasn’t music playing in the background.

So the passion and your love of music grew with it. But then you decided that you didn’t just want to listen anymore you wanted to create it. So you when from air guitar, banging on your desk at school or singing to the song of the week. Deciding to pick up an instrument and create something. To make your music, your sound something you could really get into.

Sure you had inspiration from the countless hours of listening to music from big-name musicians or relatively unknown performers playing at the local coffee shops. You made the choice to take that inner song and put notes to it.  A melody, and maybe some lyrics. You advanced from a listener to a musician.

For each musician, the journey may be different. But there was a moment every, singer, drummer, keyboardist, or guitarist (insert instrument name). You picked up an instrument and decided to tell a story. So what is your story and what inspired you to start playing an instrument? *If you decided to make the leap from listener to musician and need help learning how to record audio.  Slick Audio has the tech and tools you need to start recording from your home.