Question of the Day –   Fender vs Gibson?

There are more than a few brands of electric guitars to pick from.  But these two well know guitar makers have made such a major impact on the industry.   That their names are even known to many that have never even played guitar.

Yes, we are talking about Fender & Gibson, or Gibson & Fender depending which is your favorite.  Both manufacturers make great instruments and like so many other things in the world.  You may love one over the other for a whole bunch of reasons.  Everything from body types, pickups, scale length, and fingerboard radius.   I know there are many other things that can make a guitar “better” or more suited for a type or style of music.  But that’s not the point of this Question of the day.

What we are here to ask is why does one or the other speak to you?  Is it the cuts into the body of the Fender, or the thicker neck of the Gibson?  You as the player know it once you pick it up, feel the instrument and hear the tones of the wood as you pick, pluck or strum you’re your chosen guitar.

Is Gibson Better than Fender or Fender Better than Gibson?

Still, the question keeps coming up “Is Gibson Better than Fender, or Fender better than Gibson?”  You might even wonder how anyone even can play a Fender when Gibson is the guitar of legends like Jimmy Page, Randy Rhodes, Billy Gibbons, Slash and Bob Marley (I know there are many others).  To that many would say well Jimmy Hendricks, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Buddy Holly (and many others) all famously played Fender.  So, who is right?


In our opinion both are right, and both are wrong.  Yes, Gibson is a great guitar, but so is Fender.  Then what is the point?  Well to say that one is better than the other is just silly.  They are chosen by artists that learned how to master them.  How to make them more than string, electronics, and beautifully carved woods and elaborate finishes.  They learned to turn them into powerful tools of creativity and isn’t that what being an artist is all about.  Mastering your chosen craft and pushing the limits to make something that is beautiful to yourself and maybe even others?

What we recommend is if you have a passion for creativity, and vision for making music.  Then start making music!  Do it for yourself, or for others if that is what you enjoy doing.  Make music that inspires you that fills you with happiness, and let your art speak for itself.

Who knows with a great idea, a catchy tune, you might be one of the famous people who will end up on a list of famous Fender Players or Famous Gibson Players?  Be sure to Practice, Practice, Practice, and start making us all some great new music.   If anyone has questions on the best way to record audio, Slick Audio can help you give us a call at 570-371-5800 or visit us