Jim reviews Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville.

Summer NAMM 2018

Saturday wrapped up the last day for Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville.  Which is always a great time and definitely worth going.  The event is a bit smaller than that of the main NAMM show in California, but since it’s in “Music City” or Nashville as many others know it as a thing to behold.

Slick Audio was at Summer NAMM 2018 to introduce a new small form factor Audio Recording Computer.   The M570  called the “The Most Powerful Portable DAW Computer” and rightly so this computer sports a new 8th gen i7 Intel processor 16GB of RAM, and a 500GB M.2 SSD. It also has built-in Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RadeonRX Vega M GL Graphics, as well as dual Ethernet and mDP and HDMI video outs. The M570 also has lots of USB and an SDXC card slot.

The M570 got a lot of attention from the attendees and exhibitors alike.  This little beast was running a session that would put most full-sized computers to shame.  424 tracks, 520 active plugins, and 24 active virtual instruments.   Onlookers were shocked by the performance that this little PC was giving such a large session.  In attendance to the rollout were friends like Rick Naqvi from PreSonus . 


The booth saw some additional interest from a few bloggers and YouTube personalities that are known for their love of Music and music creation.  Like Glenn Fricker, Spectre Sound Studios who doesn’t need much in the way of introduction if you’ve seen him online he tells it the way it is.   We will have his review of the Slick Audio T2100   which is coming soon.

 SMG with slick audio Summer NAMM 2018

We also had some time with Chris Selm of Mix Down Online its always a great time with him and we look forward to seeing his review of our computers.  Below is a video he did with us at NAMM show floor.  Check out his review and video on his page Mix Down Online.


And a very fun time speaking with Shueh-li Ong of Oceanachine she discussed music education in schools and women in technology like audio production and recording Jim had some thoughts on this and other music technologies.


Summer NAMM is always a good time and worth seeing.



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