The Best Computer I Have Ever Had

Marco Sfogli, the legendary guitar player. Provided Slick Audio some kind words about his experience and our expertise in making computers for recording audio music production. Take a look at his comments and the video below.


Marco Sfogli – Review Slick Audio

Hi everyone. This is Marco from Italy, and today I want to talk to you about the computer that I’m using. I just want to tell you know I recently switched to a PC based computer. So Windows-based, and I’ve been for many years a MAC user. I’ve scored this Slick Audio PC and my life just changed. You know it’s the best computers I ever had and I can load you know tons of plugins without any hiccups and a fraction of the cost of MAC. Of course, so they make great desktop or laptop stuff. So if you’re serious about your job as a musician just check out Slick Audio PC computers and laptops and you’ll find a company that you know has great support as well you know Jim is a great guy that you know he wants your stuff to work flawlessly and um may it will make sure that you know you’ll be set up and running pretty quickly so um so check them out Slick Audio PC / Computers until next time see ya.