Professional Recording Studio

Jim talks with Eric and Sarah Novroski from Novro Studios owners and the talent behind this professional recording studio.  They provide some advice and thoughts for Recording Engineers & Record Producers, who might be considering starting a professional recording studio business.  Eric tells us what he thinks is important and what got him interested in recording as a profession and opening his own studio.  It’s a fun interview with a glimpse behind the curtain of a functioning recording studio and the creative team that makes this business run.

Who is Novro Studio? 

Novro Stuidio is a professional recording studio based in Shavertown, PA. founded in 2015 by Eric Novroski.  Eric found his passion for recording at the age of 13 when Eric’s father bought him his first 8-track Zoom digital recorder.  From there on out he began to slowly but surely build his studio to what it is today.  Eric has always been interested in music.  he’s been a drummer since the age of 6, and guitarist from the age of 13, and a bassist from the age of 15.  (from Novo Studio website).

Novro Studio’s passion is bringing your ideas to life!  We thrive off of the creative process and all the work we put into making your dreams a reality.  If you are interested in working with Eric and his team go to the Novro Studio website or call them on the phone at (570) 417-7261.  

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