Slick Audio Guitar

Just in time for Christmas 2018, GERARD MELANCON  of Melancon Guitars made Jim’s holiday season just a little bit brighter.  He sent in a much anticipated “Slick Audio Guitar” that was made at Melancon studio.  Like a little kid, Jim checked his email several times a day over the last few days hoping that he would see an out for a delivery message.  And after much excitement, the email came in that the guitar was being delivered.

The AHHH’s and OOOO’s

We are happy to say the guitar arrived and after a painful wait for the guitar to warm up to the temperature of the room, which seemed to an eternity. We were able to open the now room temperature prized guitar and see the work that Gerard’s team had done.  We started with the case, which is stunning in itself a work of art, we then popped open the guitar to lots of AHHH’s and OOOO’s.  The smile on Jim’s face said it all the Slick Audio guitar was something of a work of art and needed to have its picture taken.  So we did and below are some of those pictures and the unboxing video that tells the rest of the story.  Gerard, you definitely made this big kid’s Christmas thank you for the beautiful work.

You Need A Melancon Guitar

Anyone out there considering a custom guitar from Melancon Guitars gets one NOW they are beautiful. The Craftsmanship and effort to detail are outstanding and need to be seen.  This guitar sounds great even without it plugged in, she can sing.  More videos and reviews to come so stay tuned.




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