I have been using Slick Audio PCs since 2018. Many people think that to make a great assembled PC. You only need to choose the best components, and that’s it. Nothing could be more wrong!

Slick Audio PCs are the result of a long study of the components used and of perfect compatibility with each other. But above all, they result from a meticulous “fine-tuning” of the operating system and the Bios. Without which you could not have a PC so powerful and pushed to the limit, but incredibly stable in the same way. I am a lucky owner of the T4200 model. Which was then further customized according to my needs, and I have never had any problems with it. Last but not least, Jim Slick. Owner, and CEO of Slick Audio, is probably one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. Not to mention his enormous PC expertise and the constant support he and his company offers to its users. Totally flawless. I have been involved in music production for 25 years now and only in the last two years have I really understood what it means to have a truly professional PC that never leaves me in the lurch. Highly recommended for anyone serious about working with music or video production!

  • Alex Argento