A few tips to cover when you’re making a commercial or music video.

If you using YouTube, Facebook, even Twitch to reach and engage with your customers online, then you know the power of video. It has become one of the most effective methods to reach your ideal customers. But if you are not currently using video as part of your marketing strategy, you might be missing out. There are ways to ensure you get a great video for your business needs, like working with a production studio.

During a recent interview with Eric & Heather Novroski of Novro Studio was kind enough to put together a list of tips when working with a professional studio to make a video or record an album.

  1. I definitely think people overlook the time investment it takes to carry out a record/video/commercial. People usually have grand plans of getting it all done quickly, and that’s almost never the case.
  2. Understand the budget you’re working in and what’s realistic to accomplish within said budget.
  3.  (Music videos) The acting is just as important if not more than the gear. We have nice cameras and lighting that can make a scene look great, but if you aren’t/can’t act in the music video, then it will not come out the way you may want.
  4.  (Recording) Know your parts! Know how to play to a click! I can’t stress this enough. Tracking already is a grind and takes a while. Don’t make it harder for everyone involved by not knowing parts or not being able to play with a click.
  5. When working with professionals; be open to their (creative) ideas. They are the professionals after all.


*More about Novro Studios. They are a professional production company in Shavertown PA. Audible or visual; the best place to make your ideas come to life. Check them out online at https://www.novrostudios.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NovroStudios.