Slick Audio Recording PCs vs Big Box Cheap PCs


Can I use a PC I purchase from a “Big Box” store to record audio for my DAW?

This is A question that seems to crop up a lot so we decided it was time to directly address it. Jim said that there are a few things each of us needs to know.  First, the “Big Box” stores buy vast quantities of PC’s not just in an effort to save you money like you would when buying toilet paper.”   They do this because the PC they get are often made with inferior components. The “Big Box Stores” Cheap PCs are often not QC (tested) the same way that business (like Slick Audio PCs) quality machine is. The Big Box stores are designed to run a few hours a week at best and designed for light use so don’t get them confused.   So the life expectancy of these cheap PCs can be as low as one year.

The guy at the store said:


The other thing we hear a lot is But the guy at the computer store said!  This is a comment we hear a lot, but don’t trust that guy at the computer store.  Sure the “computer guy” understands computers, but chances are he doesn’t know about computer audio or what it takes to record audio on a computer.  Business or gaming computers, well are not designed to record audio and cannot give the performance that a Slick Audio recording computer will.   We custom-build computers for designing, creating, recording, and making audio.  They are simply the best.

Slick Audio PC’s a true business-class PC / computer designed to run and just work as hard as you do.  We design and engineer the computers to be the best, fastest computers and laptops for recording audio.  We back our beliefs up with an available 3-year warranty* on our Tower or Rack PCs.  We know technology, we know music, and we know how to make rock-solid systems that will just make recording easy.  Give us a call at 570-371-5800 or visit us on the web at



  • Don’t buy your recording studio computer where you buy your toilet paper.

  • Don’t mix up gaming computers with audio-recording computers.

  • Slick Audio knows computers, recording, making music, and what it takes.


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