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What Does a DAW do?

DAW What is it? https://youtu.be/DAGc4SSOr_8 Digital Audio Workstation DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation or  Digital-Audio Workstation which is a computer-based system for recording and editing audio.   Often the term DAW can refer to software, hardware, or a mix of

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Track vs Rack Instruments

Explaining Track & Rack Instruments See the video for all the content. Hey, folks Jim from Slick Audio giving you a quick tutorial today.  Hopefully quick tutorial today on virtual instruments and the difference between a rack instrument and a

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What inspired you to start playing an instrument?

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument For many, this is something that they remember with frustration. As a parent or family member may have forced you to start playing an instrument as a way of channeling your creativity and broadening

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Fender vs Gibson

Question of the Day -   Fender vs Gibson? There are more than a few brands of electric guitars to pick from.  But these two well know guitar makers have made such a major impact on the industry.   That their names

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