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Questions Recording Audio On PCs

Summer NAMM 2017 ended a few weeks ago and Slick Audio took a few minutes to review notes, what we discovered is that there are still some questions regarding recording audio on PCs.   Many people we talked to were eager to discuss how they can move from Mac to PC or start recording digitally for the first time.  For Mac users, the overwhelming statement is that the move is long overdue.   The Macs they have are aging and just don’t fit their needs today.  Issues ranging from lack of replacement parts to difficulty adding expansion.  This has left many questioning if it’s time to give PC a try.  We agree it’s time to change.

Recording Audio

Creation of audio, for the recording industry, commercial advertising, worship services, or even game audio had been dominated by Apple with Mac Pro computers for quite some time.  Coupled with the use of off-the-shelf PC’s not designed to record audio, gave PCs a bad name.

Today that trend is changing, with each day, Jim says he gets more calls, and emails with questions regarding recording on PC.  He commented on how the equipment is much faster, sporting newer processors, more memory, and storage options with the sky’s limit expandability.  Jim says,  “As your studio needs grow Slick Audio computers were created to fill that need.  Our PCs can be configured to be powerhouses, fully capable of running in mega professional studios running hundreds of tracks, dozens of virtual instruments (VI’s), and more plug in’s that can be named.  We even have options for small projects or personal studios.  Up to 5 years of warranty, and they will cost you far less than other options.

PC or Mac for Audio Production

The DAW computer manufacturer seems to agree with Jim’s assessment because, unlike several years ago, most of the DAW manufacturers have embraced PCs and are supporting DAW software to run on Windows.  To underline this point Jim Slick, CEO, and President of Slick Audio while addressing the Tec Tracks session of Summer NAMM asked.  “How long, are you in your operating system when you are doing a session? ”  Looking to the audience for input he asked, “20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute?  Ok, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt 2 minutes out of your day out of an 8-hour, 10, or 12-hour session spent in your Operating System.   The rest of it is spent in your DAW!  Who Cares what OS is underneath as long as it runs that entire session and makes you money?”   Jim then went on to say that everyone in this industry needs to……Get off this Mac vs PC B.S. because that’s all it is, just nonsense.

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