Is Apple or Windows better for music production?

The Windows vs MAC thing is old and tired. Here at Slick Audio, we are moving full-time pro musicians, producers, and engineers, that need professional tools to record audio and make money with audio creation. Over to Slick Audio computers running Windows 10 every day. Where is the proof?  The DAW manufacturers Cubase, ProTools, Studio One, and most all the others run on PC. Why? Because it works.

MACs are computers just like Windows computers running similar if not the same hardware in many cases. Apple in the past made computers that creative people used because the hardware was powerful, but they no longer build those computers. It’s just a fact.

Why do musicians prefer Mac?

We need to dispel a myth out there that turning on a MAC for recording that somehow turns crappy music into Top 10 hits is just crazy.  Things change people use to used oil lamps to light their homes, and horses to get where they were going. I don’t think anyone out there is using a horse to get to work instead of their SUV.  So just stop the comparisons.

Today Windows 10 PC like the ones from Slick Audio is designed to run the software, plugins, and Virtual Instruments that virtually every recording studio uses in a computer that is designed to record audio, for professionals or home studios.

Is it safe to use Hackintosh?

We get this question often from MAC users scared to move to Windows believing that it will be difficult, it won’t work.   Or that only Pro Musicians use MAC.  Well, other than that being utter nonsense this myth is just taking money away from you the musician, or a pro engineer trying to make a living with your musical talent.

Why lies beneath the surface?

What we tell anyone that asks is NO we don’t do that.  Just imagine if your music makes the top 10 or you do the studio work for another artist that becomes successful.  Then the dreams start to become reality more gigs, more money, and fame.  Skys the limit right?    Maybe, but what could happen is that your newfound success and wealth might in fact just be what the lawyers are looking for.  To make an example of someone who illegally loaded an APPLE OS to a PC.  We all know how this ends right, the lawyers like sharks in a feeding frenzy rip you, your company, your reputation, and your bank account apart.  Leaving you broke wondering what went wrong.  So just don’t do it is our advice.

Just remember you spend all your creative time in the DAW software of your choice anyway making music if you need to learn a new DAW or operating system like Windows, it’s far easier and less painful than letting the lawyers get your hard-earned money.


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