How Snow Can Help Your Music

Weather forecasts are something of a hot topic when the “snow” word gets thrown about.   Since the groundhog saw his shadow just a few days ago.   It seems that the early spring and warm weather might not be here for many of us in the United States.  California, Florida, and some other spots in America don’t have to worry about snow or the cold temperatures that many in the midwest, and northeastern parts of America experience.

However, what we give up in the sun, beach time, and enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean that we don’t get a few benefits like “Snow Days”.  I don’t necessarily mean no school, and sleeping late with a day of Netflix in your PJ’s.   I mean that as a musician or someone interested in the creation of audio it can be tough finding time to make music let alone record the music.  Many musicians use nights, weekends, and personal time to create their musical passions.

So this week many of us in the snow belt brace for another storm that’s dropping lots of the white stuff and outside of the shoveling, and the cold extremities that don’t warm up until June.  I think a few musicians out there are excited by the prospect of maybe a snow day or two.  We can hear guitar strings calling to us to change them.  Drums that need some quality time with their owners, and a few vocal tracks that are sure to be recorded.  So remember even if the groundhog’s predictions didn’t come true with some early warm weather.  It just means some more time honing your craft before the spring and summer music festivals we all are looking forward to.


The Question of the Day:

Is anyone else out there happy to get a snow day to practice your music or create something musically?  


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