Slick Audio is featured in the December issue of Music Trades


Music Trades

Music Trades recently did a feature with Slick Audio. The topic Slick Audio Computer specialist optimizes unstoppable PCs for music production.

Based in White Haven, Pennsylvania, between Allentown and Scranton, Slick Audio offers a selection of laptop, mini, tower, and rack-mounted PCs for setups large and small. At the affordable end of the spectrum are its 2100/2200 Series desktop/rack models. Including a series of minicomputers and a series of laptops. And at the high end, there are the 4100 Series towers and racks which are designed for any pro needs.

The Slick Audio PCs are custom-designed computers with the needs of musicians, and creative individuals at the heart of the products they make. Slick Audio knows music and the creative process. As musicians, they know how to make the best computer for your musical needs.

The full feature describes more about Slick Audio, the computers we make, and why Slick Audio makes the best computers for audio creation.



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