The Slick Audio T2000 Audio PC is a powerhouse machine and would be an amazing centerpiece to any modern recording setup.


It’s the day before NAMM 2018  and we wanted to update this article a little bit.  Since the time of this review from Performer Magazine, Slick Audio has added a few new models and making some very powerful computers for recording audio.  The T2000 and R2000 models have since been replaced with T2100 our tower computer and R2100, which is a rack-mounted computer.  These newer versions are just as capable as the ones mentioned in the review, and now faster due to some new innovation in motherboards and processing.  In addition to the upgrades, this model received we have launched a few powerful lines of laptops in both 15 and 17-inch screen sizes with a crazy amount of speed and power which can easily replace your desktop computers.  Then there is a T3000 and an R3000 made for Pyramix software.  Then our tower T4100 and rack R4100, which are super-powered I9 processors making a very fast and powerful audio recording computer.


Excerpt from the Performer Magazine article

We met up with the folks from Slick Audio back at NAMM in January and we’re excited to see a company focused on making great PCs aimed squarely at the audio market. For too long, home studios and even commercial spaces have had to piece together systems or make do with off-the-rack components that sometimes worked well together, and sometimes didn’t. When you want to focus on your latest session, worrying about fitting together a powerful system to run your DAW is the last thing you probably want to worry about.

Out of the box, we were impressed with the rugged, tank-like construction of the Slick Audio T2000  (since replaced by the T2100, just faster than its predecessor) tower we got on loan from Slick Audio. We had a chance to speak with CEO Jim Slick several times on the phone during the course of our evaluation, and there are a few things worth noting about this particular unit. For starters, even though we didn’t test these features, the OS itself has been optimized by Slick’s team specifically to run DAW applications smoother and to handle core audio functionality and processing. It must also be mentioned that these machines are Windows-only, so if you have a certain affinity for a DAW that runs on Mac, or if you’ve invested heavily in Mac software, take that into consideration.


See Performer magazine article.

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