How Big Does a Recording Studio Need to be?

Jim Slick, President, and CEO of Slick Audio is often asked, “Do I Need a Large Studio to Make Quality Music?” or “Do I Need a Large Studio to Create Quality Music?” Being a lover of music, and artist, and an I.T. (Information Technology) expert, Jim is happy to provide his knowledge, expertise, and thoughts. He tells us that no, you really don’t need to have a large studio to make quality music, regardless if it’s to sell or for your own entertainment.


What do you need for a Home Studio Recording?

He went on to describe that most people that want a big studio like Avatar to Abbey Road. He went on to say that the guys from Triumph, created Metal Works Studios because Gilmore wanted the drums sound big and expansive massive sounds. So they created these studios, these rooms for a particular purpose a particular sound. That’s why they called it Metal Works.

So they were recording acoustic drums, live microphones, and lots of them. That was you know back in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s. We are talking thirty years ago analog, was it. Did DAW exist, “sort-a, kind-a” more about that in a different discussion?


Professional Recording Studio Setup

Today we have these wonderful things called Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) and some powerful computers that we can use to run them. Using these computers we can recreate those studio spaces in a virtual space.  So No. You don’t need a huge studio to record something very powerful. In fact, many of the studios are going this way. Not all of them there are some really beautiful studios out there still being built.

The wonderful thing for me is to say I don’t care if you’re in a big pro studio where there are millions and millions of dollars being spent. Or if you’re in a fairly low budget studio, we are actually at the Slick Audio studio, which is not that big of a studio you know. It is actually pretty small for the most part but it was set up properly We have the right monitoring solutions, we have the right acoustic properties for the room.  It was just set up right so I can recreate those big spaces if I wanted to record an analog set of drums or were going to use virtual instruments and I can actually use a drum kit that was recorded at Avatar Studio. I am going to show you another video.

So again to recap NO you don’t need a big gigantic studio to make and produce great music or a great album. You can do that right from the privacy of your own home or a non-commercial studio.

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