Slick Audio Computer Dealers Welcome


If you are a Music Store, Lighting, and Audio Production Company, Music Teachers or Technology Integrator, and want to stand out from the big box stores. Then you know you need to offer products that make your store stand out. Slick Audio wants to talk to you today. Dealers Wanted to represent and sell Slick Audio computers.

You DO NOT Need To:

  • Stock Any inventory
  • Do Any Selling
  • Know anything about computers
  • No Money to Collect
  • No Returns to Worry About

What We Offer Easy Sales Options

  • Simply add a link to your website
  • Submit customer contact info on a web form and a presales audio technician will contact the customer to help them configure the proper computer for their needs.

How Does it Work?

Once you have been approved as a reseller, Slick Audio provides a link when you enter the information for the customer and a pre-sales engineer contacts the customer to gather information and help them determine what is the best computer for their needs. The customer logs into a secure website and pays for the computer. You never need to collect any money, know anything about what computer fits their needs, ship any products, or provide any support. This is all done by Slick Audio.

How Do I Get Paid?

Great question with a simple answer. For each computer sold from the customer referral information, your company provides Slick Audio. You will be paid a onetime commission. (Call for Full Details)


Contact our sales department at 570-371-5800 or fill out our contact form 
Our staff can help you fill out a dealer application. Dealer–minimal information is required.

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