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Looking for The Best DAW Computers or PCs for Recording Audio?  First, let me start by saying recording audio today can seem confusing. Even if you’re a seasoned pro. Technology moves fast. So fast in fact that it can sometimes seem like it’s running away.

If you are reading this article then you’ve likely had a few questions and you have been doing a little homework on the internet. So we have some information we hope will clear things up for you.

So, who are we you might ask? We are Slick Audio manufacturers of DAW Computers, PCs & Laptops for Music Production, Game Audio, Post Production, and Music Recording.  We are writing this article to help answer some misunderstandings that exist on the internet regarding computers for audio production.

The Ultimate Audio Computers

How do I build a Computer for Audio Production?

The first common misconception is a popular one. It’s that you can go online and do a quick search for a common query.  Now as it is possible to build a computer for audio production it’s not as simple as going online and buying the cheapest parts you can find, shoving them in a case, and putting any software on it, and BAM, you have a top of the line DAW computer.


Pro Audio DAW Computers & Laptops for Music Production.

Audio production can be one of the more challenging purposes for building a PC.  Since audio production computers are specialized computers that require specific hardware that must perform in a very specific manner to take the audio you are creating and add effects, virtualized instruments, other tracks together to make the end product successful and sound great.

Alex Argento in the Studio

Alex Argento in his studio.

10 Best Computers for Music Production and Recording.

Reading the lists. Everyone out there knows what I am talking about. You search the internet for the 10 Best Computers for Music Production and Recording. And you get a bunch of lists that some agree on one computer and others disagree on another computer.

These lists can be helpful to get you started at looking for features that are helpful or informing you of possible solutions that “could” fit your need. They can do more harm than good because when they tell you the best choices on their list. The list is often written because they have a special need that may not be the same as yours. This can leave struggling to make the suggested computer working for your needs.

What are you to do then, give up? No that’s not what we are saying. We believe the best thing to do is to call a company like Slick Audio.   Slick Audio manufactures computers specifically for audio production. The DAW computers we make are designed with your need and use in mind. We work with you to customize your DAW computer to fit those needs and advise you of the best overall solution for your needs.

Slick Audio simply makes The Best DAW Computers, Laptops, PCs, Towers, Racks Mount computers available.

We know this because the DAW computers that Slick Audio makes are designed for your specific need.  Slick Audio DAW computers support Windows-based DAW software.  OK, but is your favorite DAW software actually supported? Call us we can review it with you and answer any questions you might have. To help ensure that you get what you are looking for in a studio.

Slick Audio’s Computers are truly the Ultimate DAW Computers or DAW PC’s you can buy for your studio.  Because big or small we make a DAW computer for all your music production and pro video needs.

Slick Audio also carries a full line of Pro Audio recording gear, components, mics, mixers, cables, software to name a few.   Slick Audio carries anything needed to set up a pro studio.  We truly are a one-stop shop for all your recording needs.  We can provide all of your gear needs.

Unlike other stores or websites. Slick Audio doesn’t just sell you the gear and software and abandon you to build the studio of your dreams.  Slick Audio also has the knowledge and expertise on how to set up and configure that studio.

Regardless if it’s a small bedroom studio or a modern multi-room fully networked environment.  Slick Audio has the tech skills and experience to guide you to create your perfect studio.


OK, so Slick Audio knows computers. But how does that make Slick Audio experts in what a pro studio might need?  Well, that’s easy, the same I.T. experts who created Slick Audio are also musicians who have just as much experience making, writing, recording music.

In addition to realizing the pro audio market needed pro computers designed for recording audio.  We also realized that not everyone has the same 30 plus years of I.T. expertise to keep a DAW computerized studio running without the occasional need for help.

So Slick Audio in addition to manufacturing the best computers for recording.   We decided to use all those years of professional I.T. experience to design 24 hours day 7 days a week help desk solutions for musicians.  This service is designed to help keep your DAW Computer, Audio PC, up and running thereby removing your need to be a computer technician.   Our techs keep everything running so you can just keep recording and making music.

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