Dragon Guitar – Draco#1


Dragon Guitar

If your a fan of beautiful art, dragons, and music then look no further than Warrior Guitars killer custom guitar called Draco #1.   Everyone around the office here knows just how much Jim is a fan of his guitars, and dragons so it seemed a natural conclusion to get a custom-made guitar from Warrior Guitars with a dragon on it but not just any decal or paint job would do this needed to be a unique one of a kind piece of art that rocks.  And yes it really does rock if take a look at the guitar once we unboxed it connected it to an amp and did a little “Testing”.  Well, all we can say is that not only is this guitar stunning it’s an AXE worthy of any warrior looking to do battle and slay music monsters.  But this guitar sings, screams, and crushes the pretty pretenders of which we know exist out there.  Remember just because its got nice paint does not make a guitar worthy of listening to.   Warrior Guitars custom works of art not just show pieces you can take this on the road with you play the show dazzle the audience with its beautiful tones and stunning beauty.

Warrior Guitars

Warrior Guitars is a family run operation that we had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago at NAMM, it was then we knew that we found a builder who’s craft and ability could bring Draco the dragon guitar to life.  We think he has not just got it right J.D. of Warrior Guitars really breathed the fire into the sole of Draco so thank you for a job well done.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at Warrior Guitars if you are looking for something special and need a truly powerful instrument then look no further.  Tell J.D. we sent you.

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