Hackintosh for your Studio


Hackintosh what is it?

So we wanted to bring up a topic today that we have had a bunch of questions about.   This topic is something of concern for us at Slick Audio. You may have heard the term “Hackintosh”. So you ask what is it? Well, it’s when someone puts a Mac OS on a Non-Macintosh computer or PC.   This is something that is becoming a more common thing. So we thought that it would be prudent to bring up a few things that are important when discussing this with anyone out there considering this as an option.

Apple ULA – User License Agreements

First, it’s illegal. You are using an operating system that is owned by Apple on a non-Apple piece of hardware.   Which is clearly a violation of Apple’s own terms and conditions. Again this is illegal and Apple’s end User Licenses Agreement states that you cannot do this.

The reason we bring this up is we have been getting a lot of requests if we can create a Hackintosh machine for them.  Our answer is always the same, which is no. As this is a violation of the use of Apple’s software we will not put our company or your company in a legal battle with Apple or anyone else due to this misuse of Apple’s OS.

Business Case Against Hackintosh

Secondly, we feel that something that is a more important issue for the business user. Which may not have been thought about, but should be. If you have a machine/computer that you are using for business for recording audio.   Do we then have to ask why would you want to use something that is illegal in your business? Think about the legal ramifications of doing something like this in your pro studio and what could this mean to you and your clients. Scary right?

Next which is even more concerning is the question. Why would you want to use something that’s not supported?   Think about this. Heaven forbid you to end up with a problem and you can’t get by it. Or something is not working right the way you want it to in the middle of a session. Then you are just stuck and you can’t finish that recording.

Mac Vs PC

We are reminded of a few videos we put on our blog a little while ago Mac vs PC and Mac vs PC part 2. Where we discussed that we collectively need to remember that whatever you use as your “computer” Mac or PC they are meant to be a tool used to get a job done. So as long as your machine of choice is running the DAW software the way you need what does it matter what OS are you using? You’re not playing with the OS. You are only using your favorite DAW software to record and run Virtual Instruments, Plugins, etc.

Most DAWs Run On Windows

So what I’m saying is we can run whatever your favorite DAW software is like ProTools, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, you name them we can handle it. Again remember it’s a tool to get a job to get a job done.  So that’s our word of caution.   Again No Slick Audio does not do Hackintosh nor do we support it hopefully we have provided you with the information and explanation so you don’t use it either.

So Why Slick Audio?

I hope we have explained this topic enough to convince each of you that using a company such as Slick Audio will provide a much better experience as the computers are engineered specifically to record audio and come with warranties of up to 5 years. To learn more about our computers please visit our website www.slick.audio or call us to speak with someone who will be happy to answer your questions 570-371-5800.


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