… as a Slick Computer client and the beneficiary of this kind of excellent advice & attention that Jim Slick can and does give during the “shopping” process, I can attest to the value of this approach to determining your audio computer needs. I would also suggest you pay the few extra few hundred bucks and buy your machine from an audio expert like Slick Audio. (No you won’t get free delivery.) But, if you put a dollar value on your time ($/hr) my experience is that you will more than make your money back just in the setup time alone, never mind if you run into “problems”. Personally I have bought gaming machines, CAD machines, windows server other powerful workstations, and while they all worked decently (eventually) not one of them was developed to be “Pro Audio specific” and consequently my Slick Audio machine is capable of producing some of the most professional sounding tracks I have written this side of the (million dollar) analog studios I spent the majority of my career in. I recommend taking Jim’s advice and seriously considering purchasing one of Slick Audio’s machine. Good notes and Peace!!