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Artists that use Slick Audio PCs

Marco Sfogli


Born in 1980, Marco Sfogli is credited as one of the most influential and followed progressive rock and metal guitar players of the last years, having worked both studio and live with James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater, drummer legends Virgil Donati and Mike Mangini, Alex Argento, Bryan Beller, Matt Guillory and many more.

He started getting interested about music at an early age due to his parents, both members and founders of the world/folk band “Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare” which he joined later on.

Since 2004 he’s part of James LaBrie solo band for which he recorded 3 albums and made a world tour.

As a solo artist he published three solo albums, “There’s Hope” in 2008, “reMarcoble” in 2012 and “Homeland” in 2019 with the first being voted as “2nd best instrumental records of all times” from the webzine “The Top Tens”.

In 2011 he played for the “Jason Becker Benefit Concert” with other legendary players like Stu Hamm, Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro, Michael Lee Firkins and many more.

In 2013 he recorded guitars for Virgil Donati’s acclaimed release titled “In This Life”

Also in 2014 he was part of the Samsung Band for the Samsung Unpacked event held in Berlin.

In early 2015 he was asked to join progressive rock legends PFM, embarking on a world tour and playing extensively through US, Canada, UK and Italy.

He’s also founding member of the band “Icefish” with Virgil Donati on drums, Alex Argento on keyboards and Andrea Casali on bass and vocals.

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Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati
Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and technically advanced drummers of all time.

Virgil was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he also launched his career. Since the mid-’90s, he has been a household name. Residing in Los Angeles, Virgil is traveling the world as an international drumming superstar, as well as a composer and an educator.

He has performed and toured with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth, while maintaining a busy schedule as a bandleader and member of numerous recording and touring bands over the years, most notably Loose Change, Southern Sons, On The Virg, Soul Sirkus, Planet X and various incarnations of The Virgil Donati Band and The Virgil Donati Trio.

His natural talent, combined with a herculean work ethic and never-ending curiosity, has propelled him to an unbelievable performance level.

Virgil has published several educational videos and books. His online store features DVDs, CD’s and digital downloads. Below is a free download of the track Red Air from Virgil’s album, In This Life.

Virgil Donati Website

Alex Argento

Alex Argento is a keyboard player, composer and mixing engineer from Palermo (Italy).
He began playing keyboards at the age of fourteen and until today he is completely self taught.
He started to work immediately in the music bussiness as session player for a lot of local bands in Sicily.
Thanks to internet, he started to work by distance also with other musicians around the world (recording sessions).
But after the release of his first solo album – “EGO” in 2007 (completely arranged, mixed and produced by himself), he quickly became one of the most demanded keyboardists both in studio and live.
Infact, since 2003, he recorded on 20+ albums playing together with some of the most respected musicians around the world, including:

Vigil Donati (Planet X), Simon Phillips (Toto), Bissonette brothers, Greg Howe, Dave Weckl (Chick Corea), Marco Sfogli (James Labrie), Fabrizio Leo (Eros Ramazzotti) Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Neal Morse, Collin Leijeenar (Neal Morse’s Band), Michael Lepond (Symphony X), Ted Leonard (Enchant), Kee Marcello (Europe) and so on.

He usually works/tour with Virgil Donati and Marco Sfogli

Alex in the Studio