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Artists that use Slick Audio PCs

Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati
Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and technically advanced drummers of all time.

Virgil was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he also launched his career. Since the mid-’90s, he has been a household name. Residing in Los Angeles, Virgil is traveling the world as an international drumming superstar, as well as a composer and an educator.

He has performed and toured with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth, while maintaining a busy schedule as a bandleader and member of numerous recording and touring bands over the years, most notably Loose Change, Southern Sons, On The Virg, Soul Sirkus, Planet X and various incarnations of The Virgil Donati Band and The Virgil Donati Trio.

His natural talent, combined with a herculean work ethic and never-ending curiosity, has propelled him to an unbelievable performance level.

Virgil has published several educational videos and books. His online store features DVDs, CD’s and digital downloads. Below is a free download of the track Red Air from Virgil’s album, In This Life.

Virgil Donati Website

Alex Argento

Alex in the Studio
Alex Argento's Studio featuring Slick Audio

Andrea Casali

Andrea was born in Rome in June 25th 1985. He began studying guitar at the age of 7, then moved on to the study of bass, which became his great passion from the age of 14.
In 2001 he formed, with his brother Emanuele Casali and his friend Silvio D’Onorio De Meo, his first progressive metal band called “Astra” and they released in 2006 their debut album called “About me: Through Life and Beyond” for the Greek label “Burning Star Records”.
In 2007 he began a collaboration with guitarist Marco Sfogli and joined “Marco Sfogli’s Band”, recording some tracks of his solo instrumental album called “There’s Hope” (Lion Music Records) and starting live activity with the band together with the keyboardist Alex Argento.
In 2009 Astra released the second album “From Within” for the Finnish label “Lion Music Records”. Meanwhile Andrea joined the band “The Greatfire of Rome” as bass player and backing vocals, and released an EP of 4 tracks, but the band broke up some time later.
In 2014 Andrea released Astra’s third album called “Broken Balance”, for the Italian label Scarlet Records in the new role of bass player and singer. In 2016, together with Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento and the drummer Virgil Donati, started a new rock-progressive band “Icefish”, and in 2017 released the first album called “Human Hardware”, also in the role of bass player and singer

Check out Andrea YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook

Ice Fish

ICEFISH is an exciting cutting-edge progressive rock outfit featuring legendary drummer Virgil Donati, guitarist Marco Sfogli, keyboardist Alex Argento, and bassist/vocalist Andrea Casali.
ICEFISH was formed as a result of Virgil working with Alex and Marco on his record ‘In This Life’, when — in their discussions regarding the direction the music would take — the guys discovered that they all had a singular musical vision. The remarkably talented Bassist/Vocalist Andrea Casali soon joined them to make the vision a reality. Members of ICEFISH have played and performed both on stage and studio with a variety of artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, John Macaluso, Adam Nitti, Matt Guillory, Peter Wichers, Peter Wildoer, Ray Riendeau, Mike Mangini, Bryan Beller and others.
“Now that our debut album has been written, produced, mixed, and is finally out there,” says drummer Virgil Donati, “we can say with some conviction that our vision and our faith in each other has culminated in finding that ‘elusive’ new angle we strive for as composers and musicians. We look forward to the evolution of ICEFISH on the second record”!

Kim Tibbs

Kim Tibbs

Our absolutely awesome endorsee! We are so proud of Kim. She’s been working with Billy Ray Cyrus and many other incredible artists. Visit her website, or listen to some awesome tunes on SoundCloud.

Thank you, Kim!

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