Review from Alex Meixner

Jim Slick is a grade A+ guy and that is represented in the service and products from Slick Audio. I set up my home studio completely through him and his company. He put the computer together, installed everything on it, got all of the necessary gear (mics, interface/pre-amp) at very good prices, and has been invaluable with answering questions when inevitable issues arise. I give my highest recommendation to Jim Slick and Slick Audio- he is my go-to source for all recording equipment/ information.

  • Alex Meixner

About Alex

Alex Meixner is a nationally acclaimed musician, performer, bandleader, educator, and a leading advocate of polka music. Formally trained in classical, jazz and ethnic music, Alex has cross-pollinated his versatile playing styles through pop music, funk, jazz, and polka. He is an active ambassador for polka music, revitalizing interest coast to coast resulting in sold-out shows, renewed cultural interest, and growing mainstream acceptance. For Alex, it’s more than playing energetic shows; it is a mission to provide a much-needed positive experience that pulls communities together to celebrate the history, culture, and genuinely good times ( from

The Alex Meixner Band

A fun commercial Alex made for Hormel Foods.