• 10MX1_ 10MX1_
    10MX is the newest and the premier member of the Isochrone family. It features technologies from two of Antelope’s legendary products. The atomic precision of the 10M and the sophisticated jitter-management algorithm of Trinity are combined in a futuristic, 1U rack space enclosure, providing the world’s most stable and musical clocking. 10MX is a fusion of proven technologies and contemporary industrial design, where no compromises are allowed and both build-quality, and performance-excellence are a top priority. The new Rubidium Atomic Clock is an epiphany of more than 20 years’ expertise in the digital audio world, making vividly real the clarity, depth, width and 3-dimensionality distinctive of the analog sound.
  • 2xVerge bundle_ 2xVerge bundle_
  • D4SC_01 front D4SC_01 front


    Antelope Audio’s Discrete 4 Microphone Preamp Interface comes with 4 console grade 6-transistor discrete preamps, 121 db dynamic range conversion and rock solid clocking. Discrete 4 features the Antelope Audio premier real-time FPGA FX modeling iconic gear from BAE, Lang, Gyraf Audio and Grove Hill Audio.  
  • D8SC_01 front D8SC_01 front
    Introducing Synergy Core - Antelope Audio's next-generation signal processing platform. Using FPGA's massive parallel computation capabilities and industry-standard DSP power combined, Synergy Core frees up your CPU while processing your FX with extremely low latency.
  • eDGE dUO _ eDGE dUO _

    The ultimate microphone to complete your mic locker

    Antelope Audio Edge Duo Modeling Mic. Тhis high-quality dual-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments with pristine clarity, depth, and detail, making it the perfect starting point for emulating a plethora of timeless studio microphones.
  • EdgeGo1_ EdgeGo1_
  • Edge Quadro_ Edge Quadro_
    Edge Quadro is the most advanced modeling microphone by Antelope Audio. This stereo mic features two large dual-membrane condenser capsules and a rotatable head. Delivering four channels for independent processing will allow for stereo techniques like M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, and even 3D sound. Edge Quadro is the only microphone you’ll need for stereo and 360° sound recording.
  • eDGE sOLO_ eDGE sOLO_
    Edge Solo is a high-quality single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone by Antelope Audio. It emulates 18 of the most iconic vintage microphones.
  • EdgeStrip06_ EdgeStrip01_

    Introducing the Edge Strip Bundle

    The most affordable way to add Antelope's ground-breaking mic and preamp modeling technology to your existing recording setup

    The Edge Strip bundle includes the stunning Edge Duo Modeling Microphone, the Discrete MP ultra-linear mic preamp and our native AFX modeling plug-ins. These three elements work hand-in-hand to deliver a locker full of unobtainable vintage mics and a rack full of classic outboard gear, all for a fraction of the price of the originals
    With the Edge Duo mic, Discrete MP preamp and Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins, the Edge Strip is an all-in-one solution for high-quality recording that adds endless classic mic and channel strip combinations to your audio arsenal.
  • HDX, Thunderbolt2 ™, USB 3.0 & MADI Audio Interface for recording audio.
  • LiveClock1_ LiveClock1_
    Our portable audio master clock, the LiveClock, is unique in terms of size, sound quality and price. Packed in a robust aluminum case with a lockable touch screen, it fits perfectly into a FOH console dog house. With the additional rack ears is taking up just 1U space it’s a breeze to set it in the rig.