A note on the current audio inventory (NOT COMPUTERS): Due to the environmental and human factors playing out this year, the audio industry, as a whole, is experiencing a very long lead-time on products and most items are on backorder. We always do our best to get products as quickly as possible, but, these are all factors that are out of our control. If you have questions if something is available that is on our site, please call us first.
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What Specs Do Computers Need for Music Production?

Computer Specs for Audio Production https://youtu.be/tKa4e4JHEss How to Spec or Size a Computer for Audio Recording. Recently Jim made a video discussing how do you properly size a computer for recording audio? Meaning CPU, memory, disk, etc. for what you

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Professional Audio Workstations Laptops and Rack Computers

Custom Audio & Midi Computers for Music Creation. Slick Audio makes custom computer workstations, laptops, towers, micro, and rackable computers.  Designed for both amateur and professional musicians, recording engineers, sound designers, composers, DJs, podcasters, and post-production professionals.  Computers designed for

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Explaining ASIO4ALL

What is ASIO4ALL, and why is it needed for recording audio? What is ASIO ASIO4ALL is a free and alternative audio driver that allows you to get very low latency from sound adapters or (audio interfaces).   This is free software

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