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Do Studio Monitors Need a Subwoofer?

Subwoofer for Recording Studio Occasionally we get some questions that we think are worth sharing because they can be helpful for others that are new to recording and this is one of those questions.  Today's question is  "Do studio

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Cheap Audio Recording Interfaces

Best Inexpensive Audio Interfaces Hey, everybody, it's Jim from Slick Audio, today's topic is inexpensive interfaces. I know we have Cheap Interfaces listed on the video, but it is inexpensive interfaces or the best inexpensive audio interfaces.  As I said

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Track vs Rack Instruments

Explaining Track & Rack Instruments See the video for all the content. Hey, folks Jim from Slick Audio giving you a quick tutorial today explaining Track & Rack instruments.  Hopefully quick tutorial today on virtual instruments and the difference between

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What inspired you to start playing an instrument?

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument For many, this is something that they remember with frustration. As a parent or family member may have forced you to start playing an instrument as a way of channeling your creativity and broadening

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Fender vs Gibson

Question of the Day -   Fender vs Gibson? There are more than a few brands of electric guitars to pick from.  But these two well know guitar makers have made such a major impact on the industry.   That their names

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