NAMM 2022 New Products & Sales

It’s NAMM time and everyone is getting the newest products to market and after not having a show in two years. Double the amount of RAM memory of new your recording computer from Slick Audio for just $1.00. Announced today at NAMM 2022, Slick Audio unveiled its NAMM Special of double the RAM on any new computer purchase for just $1.00. Laptops, desktop computers, or small form factor micro computers.

Is more RAM better for music production?

RAM is short for Random Access Memory, which is the type of computer memory that can be accessed in any order. Computing power and speed are often measured in terms of how much RAM a machine has.

The more RAM a machine has, the faster it can run programs and the more programs it can run simultaneously without slowing down.

So, yes, it’s good to have more RAM if you’re going to be using your computer for music production.

How much RAM memory do you need for music production in 2022?

So the more RAM memory I have, the better your computer will work? The question of how much RAM memory you need for music production can be answered by understanding what is your goal with your music production.

If you’re only using a laptop to compose and produce music, then 16GB should be enough, but if you are also using it for video editing, working with lots of tracks, and virtual instruments, a ton of plugins, then 16GB would be a minimum we would recommend. It all depends on the number of tracks you record,

How can I be certain how much RAM I need?

The helpful team at Slick Audio will be happy to review your needs and recommend a computer with the right amount of RAM for your studio and recording needs.