Listening to Music is Good For Your Health

This is not much of a surprise to those who enjoy listening to music on a daily basis, that music is good for your health.   It appears that research suggests that listening to music can have some interesting health benefits.

Here are a few music for health benefits we found to be the most interesting.

1. Ease Pain. Yes, you read that right, while you might not be putting away your pain meds right away. Music is being used in geriatric care, intensive care, or palliative medicine (which is an area of healthcare that focuses on relieving suffering).  Giving those who suffer from pain, an alternate option to ease the pain.
2. Motivation – Anyone who’s gone to a football game knows this one to be true. When college-age men were studied riding stationary bikes, the students that listened to fast music worked harder than those that did not. (It’s probably safe to assume if you like the music that helped motivate you also).
3. Sleep – This one might surprise a few of you out there.  Can’t sleep? No problem, if you turn on some classical music it’s been shown to treat insomnia. (it’s probably safe to say no to the 1812 overture on that playlist though).
4. Reduce Stress – Researchers have also discovered that listening to music and release anti-stress chemicals in the human body. Calming you as you listen to music. (I wonder if this applies to Thrash Metal Too?)
5. Elevate your Mood & Eliminate Depression. Anyone that has gone for a massage knows that the calming effects of sounds of a soft rain or ocean waves, and soft music can help relax and de-stress you while getting a message. But it appears listening to music can also help your mood and chase away depression. More info from the study in 2013.
6. Healing  – We already have established that music can help with pain, stress, and sleep. So it’s not too shocking to realize that before surgery music can relax patients before a procedure. And relaxing music can help reduce stress after surgery.
7. Keeping Your Brain Young.  Johns Hopkins reports that you can exercise your brain by listening to music and making your brain stay younger. Sort of a work out for your brain like exercises for your mind by challenging it to stay strong and alert.
8. Help Your MemoryJohn Hopkins also reports that listening to music can help jog your memory. By helping you remember things that you may have heard when listing to a song you might enjoy.  And strengthen the memories that go with it.

So, if listening to music can provide health benefits what could recording music do?

What an interesting concept to use the power of music to help heal people.  To actually immerse yourself into a “bath of sound” or for lack of better term and wash away your health concerns.   You

We would love to hear from the audience that has used their love for music or music creation to help them with their health.

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