Backing Up Your DAW – Do You Do It?


Backing Up Your DAW.

In a recent interview, Jim Slick president and CEO of Slick Audio wanted to discuss something he feels is important and not discussed enough. Back up.  He went on to say “Geeze let me see you write a song, you have one of the best takes of your life on guitar. (We know Jim you love your guitars).  You may have even had one of the best takes of your life vocally, and suddenly your hard drive goes Poof, and you lose it all.”

Losing Data is Bad

Jim goes on to this is this bad Juju (NOT GOOD).  Losing data is bad. (Like we didn’t already know, many of us have had it happen.) Jim grimaces and says “BACK UP” He went into more details that there are many good products out there. He mentioned that Slick Audio’s sister company Slick Cyber Systems offers a bunch of different products to meet your needs when backing up your data.   He said to give them a call if you’re not sure what is the best product for you. Slick Box is one that he mentioned, which would be a great first start.

“Look these options would be great as they keep a copy of your data offsite thereby ensuring that your data is protected if there happened to be a disaster such as a fire.   Jim agreed that although these solutions are best for the protection, at minimum get a USB hard drive.   He leaned in and growled, “Back up your data, because if you lose your data it’s gone forever.”

Backing Up Your Data

With a smile and pointing his finger, Jim asked: “Did I say back up your data?”  Jim shared that he knows what he’s talking about not just because he’s an I.T. expert, but as a musician that long long ago experienced these issues too.  You see he’s been the victim of lost data that he did not have backed up properly.   So the take away from this conversation with Jim is if you’re not doing it now. Start backing up your data he guarantees at some point you’ll be happy you did.


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