PC vs Mac

As president and CEO of Slick Audio I feel that this topic is something that is controversial having opponents and proponents, but we are going to talk about from a slightly different angle today. So you ask what it this topic? Well PC vs Mac. (I know I heard a few gasps here, but here I go).

PC vs Mac. How did I say either of these words in the same sentence without bursting into flames?  (Cue the eerie sounds). Seriously this is a topic that has gone on for far too long. Remember a computer regardless of PC or Mac, they are tools, machines if you will to get a job done.

DAW software and the DAW hardware are tools to get a job done. To make a song to have some fun to create something that you want to sell or use for your own appreciation. Again these are tools, giving you the ability to get the audio, the final product out to your customer who are paying for it. Or even if it’s free.

The bottom line is it’s about the song, not about the toys, the hardware, computers. Anybody who wants to make an argument that Mac is better than PC, or that PC is better than Mac is unfortunately an idiot.

So let me explain a few differences to you as this may help you make a better choice. Be it good or bad.

It goes without saying we use PC here since we do IT for a living for over 30 years.  And the bottom line is this is being the PC platform is what we are comfortable with and that’s why we use it.

So once upon the time Mac used to rule the roost when it came to audio. It had Fire wire some interfaces were Fire wire. PC didn’t have Fire Wire. It wasn’t an option, but then PC got Fire wire and the option was available but they were pretty rough in the beginning for PC. Just being honest.

At the end of the day there are really two things that matter. Today Mac besides notebooks or Mac Book Air you are pretty limited to what devices you can connect up to that. Yes, you can connect a Thunderbolt device for one of those computers  Some of the devices have Fire Wire, but they seem to be going away. Not to mention that notebooks are pretty limited as to what you can do. Limited hard drive, limited memory, so that it a portable option if you need to do something.

In the PC world we have USB which is on every PC on the planet. Yes, you are still limited to CPU, memory and the like. Those type of devices are lice if you’re doing portable recording. This is not a permanent solution and should not be considered to be a permanent solution.

So let’s talk about the bigger boxes for a moment. Mac used to make the Mac Pro, which was truly a great machine. Mac’s are the same bus structure as a PC, you could run Windows on a Mac and vice versa if configured and licensed properly.

So the techie stuff out of the way, the problem today is that they don’t make the Mac Pro anymore. Now they make what so many of us lovingly refer to as the “Trash Can” this cylindrical round thing and we are not certain why they made it like that. (they probably don’t have real reason either.)

To us Apples market is very clear. They make iPhone, like millions upon millions of them and frankly this is where they are making their money today.   So they spend their most time making these devices. So for us few audio folks that are around  It’s obvious that since we are a niche market. They really don’t care. This is the reality of this decision and there is not much we can do about it.

Mac Pro – Trash Cans

We know that there are a bunch of studios out there still running Mac Pro’s that are 6-10 years’ old (which you may have one of them). If you are you really need to start looking at some alternatives because the “Trash Can” really can’t handle the multitudes of cards. Like for example if you’re a Pro Tools user. HDX and you need to run the three card option, well your out of luck in the Mac world.

The good news is in the PC world, specifically the Slick Audio world we can run them out any problem at all. We are working with companies like Avid to make boxes that do one thing. And that’s do audio and do it perfectly. More specialized if you will.

This is not a bash against Mac, as I have said before these are tools to get a job done. I know when I am doing a job like getting a song or other recording out to a customer or for myself I need the best tool I can use to get a job done. One that will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing data. I believe this is what you should be thinking about also. If you’re not, you should refocus yourself. 4

Again to recap to dispel the myth and it is a myth There is no Mac Vs PC.  Remember like I said before they are both boxes, and both computers and just tolls to get a job done. The more important thing to say is that if you consider yourself a real musician then you won’t care what platform you are running on. You will care about the audio you produce.  Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but that’s how we make money.