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Does slick Audio create computers for Game Audio creation?


Hey Game Audio Designers, Game Developers did you know that we make PCs for your industry?  If not well, I am happy to say we do.  As the President & CEO of Slick Audio, I am proud to say that our machines although much bantered about in the music industry.  We actually manufacture powerful computers that are fantastic for the gaming and video game development industry.   I can say in fact that our machines are a really, really great choice for development and the game industry.


So we made our PC’s with the intent of being pushed hard to do powerful creative work.  As not to get too technical, but our T4100 & R4100 computers the 4100 series is our newest, most powerful single processor audio PC.  T standing for Tower Configuration and R standing for Rack Configuration.  It is expandable to 128GB of RAM, six hard drives in either JBOD or any RAID support, choice of video cards (powerful for post-production work), and much more.  The R4100 rack even has front-swap drives.   These computers are serious tools for the job.

So if you doing audio for gaming they are fantastic machines, if your creating code for gaming they are defiantly a fantastic machine, for your needs.  We stand behind our PCs with 3 years of warranty no question asked.  If you blow a drive, we will overnight you a new one (next business day) and you just send back the old one.   If the PC needs to come back in, we guarantee to stand behind them with our warranty.  You need only contact us and we will have you box them back up send them in and we will make the needed repair and get it back to you.

If you weren’t aware or we didn’t mention we make our PCs are here in the USA, and we are proud of it.  So take a look at what we have to offer, or feel free to call us with any questions that you might have 570-371-5800.  We can be found online at

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